Andersen Windows and Doors

Andersen Windows

Andersen is synonymous with quality and excellence. Andersen windows and doors have been part of the American home for over a century. Whether you're building a new home or renovating one, visit UBS and speak with our friendly and experienced Andersen sales staff. They can help you find the Andersen product you want or look for ideas for your building project.





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Casement Andersen Windows

Casement Windows

Andersen casement windows have a hinge at the side and crank open outwards. The best-selling 400 series comes with vinyl clad exteriors, finished with a standard 4 color palette choice. The Architectural line of casement windows come handcrafted in dramatic sizes and shapes, while the A-series gives you even more exterior colors and interior finishes to compliment your interior design.

Anderson Windows

Awning Windows

These Andersen windows open outward, with a hinge at the top, and are best used in places where you want light to enter, but only occasionally need some fresh air. The vinyl clad 400 series is the most budget-friendly of this line, with the Architectural series models and A-Series awning windows up the deal in terms of interior finishes and exterior colors.

Double Hung Andersen Windows

Double-Hung Windows

If a more traditional style is what you're looking for, then Andersen Double-Hung windows should please your aesthetic senses. With the customary way of opening by sliding one sash past another, you get optimum ventilation with one-half the window area. As with other Andersen models, the Series 400 is you most affordable choice, with the Architectural line and the A-series bringing you more options for your dwelling's windows.

Gliding Andersen Windows

Gliding Windows

Gliding windows are also known as sliding windows, and they have the sash move horizontally in order to open the window, making this design a great choice if you want a window that lets in even more light and air. The choices for this design are limited to the 200 Series and 400 Series, with the 400 Series being the more popular choice, with its High-Performance Low-E4 glass that stays cleaner and reduces water spotting. 

Transom Andersen Windows

Picture & Transom Windows

These windows are stationary windows designed to stylistically match the other Andersen window choices and designs. That means that these windows do not let in any air, offer you a wider, brighter view of the outdoors, with no moving hardware to block the view. This is especially true with picture windows, while transoms are similarly stationary but serve more as smaller accent to the other types of windows.


Specialty Andersen Windows

Specialty Windows

Andersen Specialty Windows are stationary windows that come in a variety of shapes, not conforming to the usual 4-sided designs of other models. Specialty windows come in round, elliptical, arch and multi-sided shapes. These Specialty Windows come in the full range of models, from Series 200 to Series 400 to the A-Series and finally you have the Architectural Specialty Windows which come custom made to size.

Hinged Patio Andersen Doors

Hinged Patio Door

Andersen Hinged Patio Doors come in single panel or multiple panel designs, which gives you a number of choices on how you want your patio door to work for you. Inswing or outswing designs can be chosen, as well as patio doors with arched tops. Up to 3 doors can be chosen for the Series 200, Series 400 and A-Series models, while the Architectural Outswing Patio Doors come custom made so you can choose more panels, as well as interior and exterior finishes.

Gliding Anderson Doors

Gliding Patio Door

These sliding doors can be ordered in designs ranging from 2-4 panels, so that you can choose which number of doors best complements your home's design. Series 200, Series 400 and A-Series models are available as well, with the Series 200 model being the most budget friendly. A variety of interior finishes and exterior colors are your options with Series 400 and A-Series, plus the addition of High-Performance Low-E4 glass.

Sidelight Anderson Doors

Sidelights/Stationary Panels

Andersen sidelights and stationary panels are used to complement your Andersen patio doors by creating a larger wall of light, especially with the stationary panels. The sidelights are about half the size of a normal door, serving as an accent to your hinged doors, while the stationary doors are full sized, giving you the entire view, but with no moving parts. All the ranges of models are available from Series 200 to their line of Architectural Sidelights and Stationary Windows.

Andersen Transom Doors


These transoms serve the same purpose as sidelights, in that they become accent pieces for your other Andersen doors, except they are positioned at the top of every door rather than on the side. Transoms come only in Series 400, A-Series and Architectural models, so that they are all furnished with High-Performance Low-E4 glass.

Andersen Commercial Doors

Commercial Entry Doors

These Andersen Commercial Entry doors come in solo designs or 2-panel styles, and are made to fit standard and custom commercial entries. Commercial buildings are assured of superior quality when they choose these hinged doors because they are all Architectural model quality, being custom made for their various settings. This means the entire range of interior finishes, exterior colors are an option, as well as Andersen's High-Performance Low-E4 glass which maintains superior cleanliness.