Azek Trim 

AZEK Products

AZEK Building Products has been manufacturing PVC products that have been designed to weather the outdoor elements since the mid 1980s. They began with the marine and outdoor signage industries and soon were introduced to the building industry as a replacement for wood in the trim category. UBS stocks these products for their customers and can provide you with AZEK PVC products at a very competitive price point, so contact us today to find out how you can get AZEK into your home.




AZEK Trim Boards

AZEK Trim products, available in trim, sheets, cornerboards, and beadboard, is a leader in the industry, trusted by many contractors and homeowners alike. AZEK Trim has been long known for the unequalled combination of uniformity, durability, workability, and beauty. We curently stock AZEK PVC Trim in the following sizes: AZEK PVC Trim 1x 4-18', AZEK PVC Trim 1x6-18', AZEK PVC Trim 1x 8-18', AZEK PVC Trim 1x12-18', AZEK PVC Trim 5/4x4-20', AZEK PVC Trim 5/4x6-20', AZEK PVC Trim 5/4x8-20', AZEK PVC Trim 5/4x10-20' and AZEK PVC Trim 5/4X12-20'.
AZEK Mouldings 

AZEK Mouldings

AZEK Mouldings are the best looking, highest performing wood replacement line of mouldings currently available in the market. AZEK Mouldings have the same look and feel of AZEK Trim along with the crisp detail found in wood mouldings. Unlike wood mouldings though, AZEK Mouldings won't rot, crack or split and are impervious to moisture and insects.