High Quality, Durable, Reliable Plywood

Here at UBS, we provide superior grades of plywood.  Whether it is used for the roof, sidewall, underlayment or finish, all you need to do is speak with one of our UBS sales staff, and we will help you find the right plywood for your needs, be it for your ongoing renovation or construction project. For years we have been providing the New England area with durable construction materials and outstanding service, and that is a tradition we plan to continue for years to come.

Finish Plywood


United Builders Supply offers veneered plywoods for finish projects such as Oak, Cherry, Maple, Clear & Knotty Pine, Birch and Lauan.  These sheets offer furniture grade finishes without the intensive laminating procedures of old.  Some examples of their uses are: Built in closets and entertainment centers, kitchen cabinetry, bathroom vanities, freestanding furniture such as dressers and nightstands.

Underlayment Plywood


Underlayments provide a stable surface for a finish product to be installed on.  United Builders Supply provides several varieties of Underlayment Plywood such as Advantech, LP Top Notch, Ultraply, PTS, T&G panels, all at competitive prices.

Roofing Plywood


Plywood provides a superior capability as a sheathing because of it's sturdiness and dimensional stablity. It remains flat to give a smooth, uniform surface that does not crack, cup or twist. When plywood is used on your roof, it has two main purposes. One is to support the weight of the shingles on your roof, as well as the weight of anyone who needs to be on the roof; and the other purpose is to anchor the shingle nails. So when choosing roofing plywood, the thicker the better, because it supports more weight, as well as adding another layer of protection for your home.


United Builders Supply carries Medium Density Overlay, which is the signmakers choice in plywood.  Used as an underlayment for Storefront Signage, it will provide many years of service in an exterior application, holds finishes very well, and is a cost effective way to attract new business.

Huber Advantech


Advantech's line of engineered sheathings and subfloor are renowned for their performance.  Using their products will ensure long lasting results for your building or remodeling project.