Prevent Water Intrusion With Exterior Flashing

To achieve a "watertight" home, the exterior needs to be flashed, before it can be finished.  An exterior finish, either siding or roofing, is the first line of defense against the intrusion of water.  Depending on the material, it can be either porous or have gaps (as in the case of siding).  To prevent water intrusion and protect your home from leaks and drafts, you have to apply a second line of defense, which is flashing and their accompanying drainage plane.  Flashing may be a thin sheet of water-resistant material that is installed along the tops of foundation walls or, a self-adhesive tape around windows and doors, in order to direct water away from your home. Avoid future problems and protect your home by installing exterior flashing from United Builders Supply. We do everything we can to supply your home with what it needs, so contact us today!



Exterior Flashing
Exterior Flashing Exterior Flashing


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